Jeff Wilcox

Principal Software Engineer. Seattle, WA, USA.

Microsoft Open Source

Jeff Wilcox is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft building cloud-scale open source solutions. Jeff is a member of the Open Source Programs Office, helping Microsoft scale its contributions to and use of open source, building tools, systems, and the site.

Jeff built the Node.js-powered Microsoft Open Source Portal for GitHub. Licensed under MIT, the portal helps scale GitHub to the enterprise, providing self-service functionality and scale solutions for over 35,000 engineers at Microsoft working in the open.

Past work by Jeff Wilcox

4th & Mayor

Jeff developed 4th & Mayor, the #1 top-rated social app on the Windows Phone Store from 2011-2014. The app launched in 2011 and had over 100,000 daily active users and a 300k+ installed base at its peak.

The app was backed by cloud services implemented in Node.js & running on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

As of 2017, 4th & Mayor is no longer maintained.

Microsoft Azure

As a principal software architect on the Azure team, Jeff helped define the early open source strategy for the Microsoft Cloud, leading a team of engineers to deliver cross-platform Azure command line tools as well as the family of Azure SDK REST libraries for languages including Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and .NET.

Microsoft developer platforms

Jeff joined Microsoft on the ASP.NET server web page framework team and went on to work on all of the core Microsoft developer platforms including .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and early Windows universal apps work.

Jeff implemented many core controls and features used by millions of developers, including:

  • Auto complete box (Silverlight, WPF)
  • Pivot navigation control (Windows Phone)
  • Progress Ring (Windows)