Silverlight unit test project templates

25 March 2008

In my introductory post about the Silverlight unit testing work we’ve done, I also included some Visual Studio project and item templates that make it easier to add tests to your own apps and class libraries.  Here’s that information in one place:

Test Project (8.8k)

To install the template, save this file into your “%userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ProjectTemplates” directory

This project template is used for adding tests to your existing Silverlight solution.  To use the test project once added to your project, simply right-click on it, set it as the ‘StartUp project’ and begin debugging.

Test Class (8.0k)

To install, save this into “%userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates”

This is a simple test class template that includes the unit test metadata namespace, a sample test class, and a single inconclusive test method.

What hookup is performed by the test project

Test projects meet these conditions:

  • Are Silverlight application types, not class libaries
  • Reference the unit test framework assemblies built for Silverlight
  • Are packed up into a .Xap that itself includes the unit test framework assemblies
  • Do not contain Page.xaml or Page.xaml.cs files, instead the RootVisual is set to UnitTestSystem.CreateTestPage(this)
  • Typically just dynamically generates a test page, although you can use the development web server or an IIS/Apache installation just fine as well

Hope this helps!

Jeff Wilcox is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), helping Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source at scale.

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