Silverlight unit testing templates updated

24 October 2008

Getting into the habit of unit testing your Silverlight applications is a little easier now. I posted updated templates for the Silverlight Unit Test Framework on the MSDN Code Gallery site. There are project and item templates for Visual C# as well as Visual Basic.

Download the templates

Direct download link to the templates (Zip, 46K)
Direct download link to the Silverlight Unit Test Framework binaries (Zip, 284k)

To install, just drop the templates and binaries in the right directories.

Project templates go here: %userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ProjectTemplates
Item templates: %userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates\ItemTemplates
And the unit test framework binaries: %programfiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v2.0\Libraries\Client

New to Silverlight unit testing?

DockPanel tests 
WrapPanel tests running in the Silverlight Unit Test Framework

Upgrade your Beta 2 test projects

There's a breaking changes guide for the test framework, for anyone who was using the last version for Beta 1 and/or Beta 2 development.

Thanks to Marius Rochon for sending me one of these and challenging me to get them all updated for the final release of Silverlight 2. Hope this helps!

Jeff Wilcox is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), helping Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source at scale.

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