Insert Tag Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer (that works with Windows 7)

10 March 2010

The source code plugin that I use on my blog is great, but does require that I insert some escaped tags with special class names in the XHTML.

For years I’ve used the InsertTagSnippet plugin by Coskun Sunali to help me write posts – but on Windows 7, it doesn’t work well without running Live Writer elevated due to the location where it stores and modifies the snippet data file.

I’ve updated the code to use the local app data folder instead.

If you use the plugin and want to give this a try, uninstall the current version and grab it here. It includes the updated Ms-PL source.

Hope this helps. I’ll see about getting these changes into the CodePlex project at some point.

Jeff Wilcox is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), helping Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source at scale.

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