Creating a testable WebClient for Silverlight unit testing

7 December 2008

Testability is important to today's developers, and without a mocking framework available for Silverlight developers today, it is possible, albeit with a little extra work, to create testable components.

Maurice de Beijer has blogged about his solution for creating a testable Flickr web service API. He's created TestableWebClient and TestableOpenReadCompletedEventArgs types to assist with this, and kept the abstraction simple and to-the-point.

I agree with Maurice's comments: it isn't perfect, it isn't awful; it isn't pretty; but hey, it does get the job done, and he's found a good solution for this today.

Maurice also previously posted his own introduction guide to Silverlight unit testing.

Just wanted to pass along, definitely check this out!

Jeff Wilcox is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office, helping Microsoft scale to 15,000+ engineers using, contributing to and releasing open source.

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