Upcoming speaking engagements on the Windows Phone

16 March 2011

I wanted to share info on a few of the upcoming talks that I will be giving at a few conferences. If you’re thinking of attending any of these, I think there will be plenty to learn!

MIX 2011 (April)

At Microsoft’s own MIX 11 conference in Vegas, I will be presenting on Windows Phone application performance (session DVC01), with an emphasis on lessons learned, what’s improving in the performance space, and a look at the new Windows Phone profiler.

I’ve had the honor of attending MIX several years now and each year it gets better, more refined, and remains an outliner in the Microsoft conference line-up (it’s more fun, casual, and Las Vegas is always fun).

You can see the current session list for MIX 2011 online. Also, the Silverlight Toolkit has been nominated for one of the Nineny awards, so that will be exciting! MIX is held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay convention center April 12-14. The keynote speakers on day one are Scott Guthrie and Joe Belfiore.

NDC 2011 (June)

I’ll be presenting a few sessions on Windows Phone developer at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC 2011) in Oslo, Norway. The event is held from June 8-10. Here’s the current session lineup and schedule for NDC 2011. Scott Guthrie is giving the keynote on 6/8.

I’m presenting 2 talks:

  • On the morning of 6/7, a talk on “Peeking at the source of a successful Windows Phone app”. This is a 300-level talk that looks into what it takes to have a large Windows Phone app, from dealing with the marketplace, solving common problems, and a look at a smart data caching and loading system for pulling down data from web services.
  • In the afternoon, “Making a beautiful and rock-solid Windows Phone app”. This talk is more of a 200-level one that takes a simple Windows Phone app (like you could create in a matter of hours) and then takes it to the next level by adding visual effects, addressing usability and design issues, as well as adding error reporting and other key app services. It would be great for any developer thinking about building an app, to find out how to polish it and make a difference.

There are a ton of other great speakers going including Jon Skeet, Rob Conery, Jonas Follesø, and the .NET Rocks guys, just to name a few.

Hope to see you out in the wild this conference season!

Jeff Wilcox is a Software Engineer at Microsoft in the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), helping Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source at scale.

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